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    I found this child on my own and the parents left the agency. Weewatch is stating that we would have to wait for 6 months before could care for this child. According to Weewatch w r still under contract for another 6 months.

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    This sounds to me like a non-compete clause. I had a post about that a couple of months ago. When I was doing some research on it, I found out that courts are very reluctant to impose them and that they can't be unreasonable. I would be quite shocked if you actually got sued for one child you found on your own. (The parent could testify to this) but if you left the agency and took all the same clients with you, that might be considered reasonable grounds for legal action. (WW is losing $$) I am assuming you signed an agreement with WW when you started. You should have a copy and you should review it.

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    Ugh! I'm with weewatch. They have helped me a lot in terms of business I mean they aren't all bad but they find me the crazyiest clients.

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