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    Inquiry about taking a Subsidized Home Daycare Child

    Hello, I operate a home based daycare. I have had an inquiry concerning a subsidized daycare child and I am wondering how this process works. I understand that I have to be a licensed daycare in order to take this child. I am not a licensed daycare. I am wondering about becoming licensed, as I understand that eventually all home based daycare will be forced to be licensed. Is there a list of the expectations and rules? Is there a cost involved? Is there a max. amount that we can earn? I have a lot of questions! I would love it if someone that has just gone through this process could help me out with this please.

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    What is your current daily fee?

    Others with more experience will come on to give more info but there is a substantial cost, the licensing agency takes a big cut of your daily fee for each child.

    I would not become licensed just to take one a subsidized family...you will lose a great deal of money.

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    Agreed. Don't become licensed until you have to! Just find another family that can pay your rate. Taking this family and becoming licensed will not be worth it! Stay private while u can!

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