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Thread: Closing Daycare

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    Closing Daycare

    Hi everyone,

    Advice would be amazing!

    I'm closing my daycare and giving notice next week after only six months.

    Realized its not a good fit, and that it's draining me.

    I am paranoid on giving one set of parents my notice as when they put their daughter in my care they asked if I wouldnt be closing after six months (the irony). At the time I believed I wouldn't be closing until my daughter was in school, but I've personally noticed being exhausted, and miserable. We've also had other issues that have arised. I'm worried of being yelled at or adrupt termination.

    I'm already saddened that I am closing as my daughter loves both children, and I've grown to care for them tremendously, I just feel once all are gone my patience for my daughter is thinner..

    I hope this makes sense, I've been stressed out in putting my thoughts and feelings together.

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    Sorry to hear that things haven't worked out as originally planned, but kudos to you for recognizing early on and making some no doubt difficult choices to change your circumstances which will make for some positive results.

    Unfortunately you can't know for sure how people will respond, but you may very well be suprised. You have to do what's best for you, and if it's making you very anxious to see how they respond, I'd do it sooner rather than later to get it over and done with. Maybe there will be some initial raw emotions, but I'm sure once notice is given, a huge weight will be lifted from your shoulders and moving forward you will feel better.

    If the one family give you any grief over the short period of time in which you have been providing care, just reaffirm to them that it was never your intention for this to be a short term arrangement, and such is life that unforeseen circumstances have arisen resulting in a change of plans.

    Best of luck and let us know how you get on!

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    Sorry this not been the right choice for you.

    You not able control people's reactions and sadly dealing with angry or upset client is part of self-employed. I do think they should be told in person but that just what I would do. You could send an e-mail first to all client and this might give time to absorb information and initial shock wear off before faced with them.

    If parent start yell, then be ready. Calmly say that you won't tolerate abuse in own home, willing answer questions that are relevant but will not participate in being yelled at and be ready to ask them leave house and speak when able do calmly.

    In term of abrupt termination, you can't stop that reaction in some. Hopefully you have contract that spell out that either side can terminate with notice (which you giving) and that fees due for notice period regardless of attending. If not, then there's little you can do if parent decide to leave on spot.

    Good luck. It's often not as bad as we imagine it might be.

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