How many of you ask parents to send supplies for their children beyond diapers/extra clothes?

I've had it in my handbook that they should send a spill proof cup for water, a bib/smock for art/messy food and a change of clothes to stay here. In their daily bag they send diapers and a change of clothes, plus outdoor clothes and sunblock. I'm really irritated with some of their choices (dollar store bibs that rip, leaking cups, scented sunblock, hats that don't stay on, etc). Should I just suck up the expense and buy the products I want to use? Or should I suggest certain brands in my handbook? A local dayhome that does a 'nature-based' program charges a registration fee that is used to buy a muddy buddy (rainsuit), spill proof insulated cup and a notebook, and the child keeps those items when they leave.

What do you do?