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    I am grappling with one parents' request of extended hours to 6:45pm. That's a busy time for me, so I need to follow my policy and charge $1/hour. I hope you find the care you need.

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    In my area, you need nanny.

    It no incentive that your child dropped off later as my day start 7am with other client. If anything, it very disruptive for our schedule for later drop, it mean changing schedule so we are back from walk for your drop off and for many it mean arriving lunchtime and just before nap time.

    For most provider's your hope that supper provided would be deal break. We want family time and without be rude, supper is the one meal most not have other people's children in home. To delay family supper until after 7pm is unreasonable which mean forced to have client child in limited personal time.

    Unlike lot of jobs, we not done when client leave. We have santising, prep for next day, own child activities in evening and we been going for many hours at closing time. Few would work until 7pm as it mean 12 hours with clients in home and zero personal time for groceries (for the daycare), errands that have be done.

    The handful provider in my area who would do this, charge $25 an hour after regular business close and only agree to periodic extended hours like one time per week. More common to find baby sitter or family member to collect child from daycare and take home to feed and get ready for bed.

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