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    Red face Registering as a Business!?

    Hi there!

    New here... I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I've been looking for similar posts...

    My cousin and I are opening a daycare in her two storey home. We will not be licensed by our province. We will have between 5-10 kids including our own (we each have a son) throughout the month (some kids are part-time)

    The kids (between 1-5 in age) will sleep upstairs in 2 of the rooms (play pens/cots), main play area on the main floor and possibly play time in the basement and backyard.

    We have debated registering the daycare as a business. What are the pros and cons of registering? Is that the only way you can claim groceries, Utilities?

    Also, my cousin spoke to her brother in law and he has his own home reno business, and he suggested that we register as a business and that I act as a contractor... as I don't live with her. We want everything to be 50/50 income wise (other than claiming utilities).

    Also, do we need to register with ISC!?

    How do/would most of you go about this?

    Thank you!

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    it helps us to know what Prov you live in so we can help you better

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    I would also like info on registering as a business and getting licensed as well. I've been trying to find info online and not able to (or I'm just not looking in the right places). I would like to be able to accept subsidy to help parents out but not even sure I meet the requirements to get licensed until I move. I always meet with the parents so they can see where their child will be cared for and make sure they are ok with the space and location. I've had some parents pull up to my place, not even get out of the vehicle and just drive off. We're planning to move in the new year (hopefully sooner) but would like to know what I would be required to have in my home to get license. No sense in moving to a place if we can't get licensed. And do you have to own your own home or can you get licensed if you rent? I'm unable to find info online and it's slightly frustrating. I live in Alberta.

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    I'm in Ont but no home daycare can be licensed. U can go through an agency and get subsidy that way. But the agency holds the license not the home daycare. U work under their umbrella

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    In BC a home daycare can be Licensed ( without an agency) but not reg as a Business so every Prov has different rules
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    If you are in Ontario you can register as a business (this is different then being a licensed daycare).
    To register as a business you need to go to Service Ontario. It will cost you $60 for a 5 year business license.

    If you are looking to be what the government of Ontario calls a "Licensed daycare" you need to go throw a Licensed home daycare agency.

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