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    Confessions of a daycare provider

    Having a little offload, getting this frustration off my chest. Only got this kid for 7 more days.

    So I took a week off and this is my second week back. I care for a boy aged 16 months whose Grandma collects him most days and gives him dinner at her place till mum or dad pick up from there.

    I have had long talks with mum and dad about is lack of initiative and independence skills...all within reason for his age. He does not come when requested, regardless of how you bribe or coax him. There is zero incentive that can do the trick. Can not follow directions. will not feed himself, UNLESS, it is carbs. Even that he won't do now since coming back. Napping is also a bit of an issue as self soothing was something we had to work on, but we got there. Since coming back, he literally cries non stop for 2-3 hours.

    His parents say its all as a result of Grandma. I pulled mum on something I observed at pick up and it all came out in the wash. Grandma comes in and picks him up, carries him to the stroller puts him in and then proceeds to pick up his sippy cup and feed him his water from it. He showed no move towards grabbing the cup. Mum told me that they have had numerous confrontations with Grandma as they always see that she spoon feeds him, which explains the not eating unless fed, and not coming when called as Grandma always picks up. Also Grandma rocks him for nap and strokes his back if he is upset. If you lead him by the hand he always goes spaghetti legs and limp. This kid is smart and knows how to manipulate. I have no time for this BS and since he has been back he hasn't eaten a damm thing! I have not offered anything remotely sweet because previously he would hold out for that.

    Today at lunch we had a typical meal of chicken, rice and roasted sweet potatoes. A little girl turned 3 and mum brought cupcakes. I didn't give him one because he is having these massive issues. If he can't eat a single thing unless it is spoon fed to him, then there is no way he was getting a cupcake.

    I only have this boy till the end of next week, thank goodness. Awesome family, but this kid would just be an endless battle for me as long as Grandma continues with this nonsense.

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    Ahhh grandma-helplessness syndrome.

    I used to nanny for a family 2 days a week (while supply teaching) and the kids were with grandma the other days. They would literally forget how to walk when I had them. BY end of day they would be independent and walking again (15months old twins) then back to grandma and would become utterly helpless in all aspects of life.

    Grandparent care is free and loving but it for the most part creates helpless children.

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    I have two daycare children, a 2 year old dcb and a 19 month dcg. Both suffer from 'Grandma~itis'. Not as bad as the description you gave of your dcb, but frustrating as well!

    I always have to deprogram them when they've spent a day or weekend with grandma. The one 19 month old dcg spent a week with her grandmother at the cottage. Boy did I pay for it when she came back. She literally forgot how to self soothe, how to feed herself, how to play alongside other children!!

    These Grandparents are not doing their grandchildren any favours.

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    3 more days and then he is gone
    I bet Grandma is taking care of him then

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