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    Solutions for a pregnancy?

    My husband and I would like to try for baby #2, but I'm very nervous about doing this job pregnant, and then with a new baby. I am not currently a registered daycare, just doing this casually (but full time!).
    Could my DH get paid paternity leave in Ontario? How have you ladies done this and kept your families?
    Again, thank you so much for the input!

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    I just had a baby a month ago. I took 2 weeks off. My parents were given 6 months and all found grandparents or friends to take their kids for this time.
    My husband is taking 9 months parental leave. This is the maximum fathers can qualify for.
    My daycare is also unregistered, but it doent matter to the govt. Either parent can take the parental leave so since you are self-employed (or un-employed), he can take the entire amount.

    Running the daycare pregnant was tiresom to say the least. i managed somehow! This is also our second child. So far after the baby has came, it has been amazing having a second set of hands here espicially with a newborn. Parents love him and he loves staying home with us! (we have a houseful with 5 daycare kids and our own 2).
    good luck!

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    I'm currently 14 weeks and told my families that I would be taking 2 weeks off and that my husband will be taking parental leave. You can now pay into EI yourself-as long as you start a yr before using it.
    So far everyone have been great. No one has said they're leaving, but I think it helps that i'm only asking for 2 weeks(which is a normal vacay period) and that my husband will be here after to help.

    Sorry I can't tell you yet what its like after the baby (my son was 8mo when I started), but it is tiring while pregnant, but could also be bc I start at 645am! lol but I just try to rest when I can, or grab a nap while the kids are napping too
    Cheeky Monkey Daycare

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    I had my 4th baby in September, and ran the dayhome right up to about a week before she was due to arrive. I took the entire month off, and gave my parents LOOOOOTS of notice (I was only about 8wks preg when I announced). I went into it fully expecting to lose every family, if it came down to it. But I only lost one. Granted, they said they were coming back and gave me notice 2 days before I reopened. Grrr. But like I said, I was prepared for that. My husband works very flexible hours and has been a great help.
    The important thing is to communicate clearly with the parents. Know exactly what your plans are in regards to how much time you will take off and so on. I kept reminding people to have their backup care ready, should baby come early. Let them know that even if you aren't necessarily doing the same things you have always done, the care of thier child will not be sacrificed. It's not a big deal that, instead of jumping on the trampoline all together, you are reading books and singing songs. I found the hardest thing was changing bums while feeling like I had to ralph all day long! I got so that I was stuffing tissue up my nose, so I wasn't gagging.
    I joked with the parents that after baby came, there may be a few days that I opened the door in my pajamas, and there have been a couple, hahaha! But the beauty of this job is it's adaptability under these types of circumstances.
    Look into the self-employed EI program, on the CRA website. I don't know the details, but if you plan enough in advance, you may be able to take advantage.
    Best wishes!!

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