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    Question Rates for before & after school care?!?

    Hi, just wondering if you all could tell me how much you charge for before and after school care, days off school and then summertime? If you could also put your roving too, that would be great! I'm from saskatchewan, and from what I see it's about 450/ month Sept to June and then July and August is 600. I'm looking to open a B& A school program in my home and wanting to see what others are charging around the country and even in saskatchewan!

    Thank you!

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    I'm in Nova Scotia. My fees work out to $5/day for before school, $15/day for after school, and $35 for full day (summers). I also take morning preschool kids in the school year to help with income, and have full day toddlers.

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    I'm in Alberta. I charge per family, not per child and my rates are decently low. For 1 child, I charge 15$ a day for 2-5 hours (half day), 25$ a day for 6-9 hours (full day) and then an additional 3$ an hour for 10+ hours but I only charge 35$ for 2 kids for a full day. Most of my guys are part time and drop ins though. I offer full time regular parents the option of working out a monthly price instead of the per day option though if they will be there 5 days out of the week. I pride myself in doing what I can to make things easier on the parents and keeping more money in their pocket within reason.

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    I am in the GTA. I charge $20 per child for before and after school care. For full day care I charge $40 per child. I think my rates seem pretty standard for the area. Usually the before and after kids wouldn't come to me during summer but for P/A days etc I charge $30. I think my my rates are pretty reasonable and cheaper than the school and regular daycare before and after programs.

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    Good afternoon. Based on the prices my friends work for, I charge $30 per weekday and possibly $50 per weekend. Since I work as a nanny for two families, the prices for my services are different, because the income of families is different.

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    I charged an hourly rate of $6.25/hr averaging 2hrs/day in BC. It was not enough to be remotely worth it. I ended up no longer offering it as an option and focusing on infant/toddler/preschool care. If I ever considered it again I'd be charging more like $25/2 hours.

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