My family recently moved to a smaller town due to my husband being military. He is currently training 6 hours away; due to some financial issues, he can't come home as often as we'd hoped, and I no longer have employment as my previous workplace is nearly 2 hours away.

We both agreed starting a daycare would be the smart thing to do. I would be with the kids, and making some form of income so that we aren't extremely tight and we'd be able to (hopefully) save money.

However, my oldest (turning 3) seems to be having troubles adjusting. She's been overly hyper, refusing to take naps, fake cries and whines every time her younger sister (turning 1) fusses. She'll bang on the furniture when her younger sister does, and has taken to baby talking instead of using her words.

Is daycare not a good idea? Is this just a normal phase?

I'm typing this all out half an hour before I go to bed, and I'm not even sure if it makes sense...