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    What to do when you feel like you might snap?

    It's been a rough week due to some non-daycare related stuff happening. However, it's definitely affected my mood and I find every little thing the daycare kids do is irritating me today. I normally consider myself a very patient and calm person, but today I feel like I might snap or break out in tears at any moment. I feel incredibly guilty because I've been pretty short with the kids today and lack motivation to do anything. I actually have the TV on right now (which I don't normally do) just because the kids are now seated and quiet, which allows me to relax as well. I'm just wondering what others do on bad days when taking care of the kids is the last thing you feel like doing?

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    Sorry to hear you're having a rough go. I would do exactly what you're doing. Turn on a show for the kids and vent to folks who understand. Further, I would take nap time to do NOTHING! When I tell my clients that I'm having a rough time, they're generally very good about it. They're fine with me take a few days easier than normal. I think most would be understanding if you need a bit of down time. You can, of course, always dress an easy day up - pajama day with a movie, blanket forts, extra free play at the park, an easy art activity that doesn't require much input from you (my go to is water colours).

    Feel better.

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    I love the suggestions for dressing up an easy day! I've had spots empty because of overlapping part timers (ending soon!) so I had to work weekends just to make ends meet. On Sunday I worked til 1am, so yesterday there were no crafts or fancy baking projects. Their lunch was only homemade because my husband made it on Sunday night for me! The only non-napper was my own daughter, so I put on a movie and laid on the couch with a snack.

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    Been tough few week here too with family issues. I not have a TV in room but I take children out for long walk on tough days. It mean they able explore outside on walking trail and I have little think time to get mind straight.

    Nothing last forever MommaL. You will get through this and come out other side no matter how impossible situation might feel. Try and remember that if nothing else. Take one step at time. Hope your load lighter soon.

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    I try extra outdoor time on rough days, or a nice long walk, as it's good for my mental health, as well as calming the kids. I make my 2 year olds walk(no stroller) so sometimes our walks are a full hour long. It also improves nap times for the day. Also, have a stash of unique new toys or crafts handy to pull out, as they always enjoy something new. We all have those days!

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