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    Unhappy Thinking About Closing...

    I am considering closing up my daycare, but am not 100% okay with the idea. I don't feel like I can mentally take staying open anymore. My own children are very demanding and high needs and I am drained by the time they leave for school in the mornings. My oldest has anxiety (diagnosed) and has panic attacks in the mornings when I drop off. She refuses to go inside and it's a fight and teacher has to carry her in....it's hard to manage her when I have 4-5 other children with me.

    My youngest daughter has a lot of behaviour issues when the other kids are here and in her space. It is constant chaos.

    I'm in a tough spot, because financially I can't afford to close right now. I have anxiety myself so not a lot of options for me outside of the home. I have 2 other businesses as well, but they are not yet off the ground with consistent income.

    I guess I'm just looking for some advice/opinions....anything really. Does anyone know of any legit at home work I could use to supplement my income?
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    I'm sorry hear about your struggle. I will say that this tough, tough business if have anxiety. Lot uncertainly in this business for income, client issue and have own children in day home not always work for some.

    I not know other job from home that supplement income and be reliable so might be out frying pan into fire. But will say - most start this to be home with own child. If this business conflict with child's needs, then really, it defeating point.

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    Hugs to you and your 2 girls
    your morning sound so hard for you and your girls , hopefully things will get better soon.

    there are some website where you can write and do surveys and get paid for it but I don't know too much about it sorry, but you could do it from home

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    Sounds like you have a lot on your plate! I'd sit down and seriously consider the dc and the 2 other businesses. If it's too hard to balance 3 jobs plus your children, then maybe letting some things go is the best idea. What can you afford/want to let go that would still offer you financial stability plus good mental health?

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    Have you considered doing just before/after care at your local school? That way, you can get some income, and have 6 hrs to yourself in between, and time with your other child.

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