Good morning!

For those who filled in our first survey, for providers, thank you! We gathered some very compelling data regarding the effects of CCEYA. If you've not filled it in, it's still open -

The CICPO survey for parents to fill in was launched this morning. Please share with your clients and friends and please have them pass it on to everyone they can think of as well. We're gathering public opinion about what matters to them when it comes to childcare. This information has never been collected before as the Ministry really only consults with the licenced sector and those who use it, bypassing the vast majority of those involved with and using childcare in Ontario. We think it's pretty important for everyone to be heard

"If you are a parent in Ontario who has required childcare in any form, at any time, please take a few minutes to fill in this survey about your province's childcare system. The Ministry of Education is poised to spend $3.8B on 100, 000 childcare spaces. Let them know how YOU want that money to be spent on YOUR children."