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    Do both.

    Get a police check. There are two. One is for general criminal record and the other is a vulnerable sector check which details crimes such as child abuse, elder abuse, crimes against mental health patients or any other group of society which are more vulnerable than fully functioning adults. Because these groups are particularly vulnerable, crimes against these are kept on a separate register as they are deemed more serious since the offender was in a position of advantage by default.

    Also, in some areas, Community services will provide a letter confirming someone is not on the child abuse register at that current time.

    BUT just because someone hasn't been caught and convicted of a crime, that doesn't mean they are all good people. It just means they might be. They could equally be extra slick and have therefore avoided being caught and prosecuted.

    Get references too.

    I suggest getting a reference from a long term client whose child was with the provider for all of the stages of development yours has yet to reach. If a provider doesn't have a long term client, ask yourself why? Are they just starting up or have they never managed to keep a family long term?

    Make sure that one of your references comes from someone who has left the day care. Most current clients are presumably happy with their carer at the current time or they would pull their child. An ex client has nothing to gain from providing a reference and therefore, it's more likely they had a good relationship with the carer, and down to circumstances they left. If an ex client speaks highly of me, especially if they've moved out of area and have a new provider to compare me to, then that's a good source of information.

    Finally, get a reference from a parent (past or current) whose child is fully verbal. A 10 month old child cannot tell their parent what they had to eat, or what their day involved, but a 4-year old is likely telling their parents all about their day. This is the best way to determine if your provider really does what she claims to be doing during her day.

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    I would feel comfortable in parents doing rigorous background checks as well as references personally.My question to you as i am currently new at this dayhome business 3yrs in, was a teacher before. I have been doing people up until now and has been through word of mouth neighbors and friends what about new parents how do i know what type of people they are would it be wrong to ask for some type of reference etc, as this has come up. And i wanted to ask you the parents your advise.

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    In BC each daycare has to have a criminal record check with the police every 5 years and all over 18 years who live in the house so the parent know they have that organized and just ask for references.

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    I don't think that's what she was asking - she was ask as a provider, can she take out background checks on the parent before accepting them into her dayhome.

    I do not think many clients would permit it. And you need their permission before you can do a police check on someone else. It would also get expensive as I would think, even if a parent agreed, they wouldn't fund it.

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    references are too important even background check and valid Id's is a must we must have a good child care service and assurance

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