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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee-Bee View Post
    Is she sleep deprived? I had a child like that and I am certain it was because she didn't sleep at all at home and she just had zero coping skills because she was so Dbal review exhausted.
    Earlier my child had also the same problem. I consulted a doctor and it worked.
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    How to make the child respect you?

    Are there any tips for raising a child so that he listens to me and respects me. I really want my child to love me not only when he is 5 years old, but also when he grows up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldilocks View Post
    I have a dcg that just turned two. She is scared of everything! Snow, bugs, lint, any kind of noise, etc. Yesterday she got scared because an infant touched her costume. It's becoming frustrating because she'll just start bawling at any time. Then I have to figure out what it is. She's a very good kid, already talks using 4-5 word sentences. Very ahead of her milestone marks in development. It's just being scared all the time that can be frustrating. I show her what's making the noise, usually just toys. Then she's fine. I show her lint, let her play with the snow at Agoc Travel, but I have to do it every single time. Not sure why she has such anxiety over things like this. Has anyone else experienced a child like this? I'd appreciate some insight and suggestions. I've never come across a child with such issues with being scared at almost everything.
    Sorry I have not experienced such a thing. I think the condition of your daughter looks critical so I would like to suggest you to consult a doctor.
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    Maybe she just quite a sensitive baby and awares of her surroundings more than the others. New things for her seem a little bit scary, because she hasn't yet gained skills to process the information she receives from the outer world. Every time she has anxiety you need to show her that it is okay and give her some time to get used to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee-Bee View Post
    Is she sleep deprived? I had a child like that and I am certain it was because they found testogen and she didn't sleep at all at home and she just had zero coping skills because she was so exhausted.
    The children should not be sleep-deprived. They should have a nice sleep because they are young and they must remain active for good learning.
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    In the case of constant anxiety and fears, you may also face such a problem as panic attacks. It is important to correct this on time and only a psychotherapist can help. What is Behavioral Therapy Online? This is a course of sessions with a specialist, during which you talk about the problem and look for ways to get rid of it.
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