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    Public Consultation Meetings - Ontario

    The following is an update posted on Facebook regarding the Toronto public consultation meeting I participated in last night, on behalf of ICPs along with a schedule of upcoming meetings/cities, should you wish to attend.


    Despite my intense nervousness, I was pleasantly surprised with a productive meeting in a supportive and diverse room. We were broken into groups to discuss various aspects of childcare, what we value in childcare and the direction we would like to see it take as we move forward. Seated at our table were two ECEs from nonprofit centres, a practitioner of Forest Education, a parent and an MOE (early years division) staff who facilitated conversation and took notes. Who WASN'T there were the agency representatives, which is what I think facilitated the open, respectful and receptive dialogue. We learned that we are all on the same page in most regards, which was a refreshing change from the eye rolls and snickers I experienced in past meetings. These were people who truly were advocating quality without being threatened by our position. We spent considerable time discussing our similar values including the need for inclusivity and the belief that pedagogy and quality in the licenced sector are taking a back seat to risk management. The belief that the CCEYA was more about protecting the Ministry from accountability than safety was unanimous. The ECEs were actually a little envious that we have the ability to teach freely.

    I went in immediately stating that ICPs want the option to licence but most are not willing to affiliate with an agency to do so, stating the reasons why throughout the evening as they related to our discussion points. I also presented a formula in which they could independently licence ICPs to fill their 100,000 spaces with $65M, rather than their projected billions. I spoke directly to the Minister Indira Nadoo-Harris on this topic. I found her to be receptive and friendly enough, but I believe our path to be heard is not through the politicians themselves. They slap on a smile and say what they need to get through the night, but the MOE staffer taking notes was very interested in what I had to say. She strongly suggested that I attach my notes on our ideas for licencing when I send in my completed survey.

    I think we should ALL send it in. The survey is online and offers a space at the end to share insights into what YOU think will improve childcare in Ontario. I will polish up what I have and make it available for others to use, along with the survey link. I had the strong feeling that we should continue to fight hard for independent licencing. It was a very positive experience and I encourage all ICPs who can attend meetings to do so. It is two hours well spent."

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