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    How do you handle these type of enquiries?

    Although I'm trying to fill an immediate spot, I'm continuing to get enquiries way in advance like July and September 2017!
    It's frustrating but a lead is a lead and still happy to get them.
    How I have been handling these is to kindly tell them it's too early to know whether I will have a spot available so far in advance, and that the ideal time to contact is a few months in advance of their desired start date.
    So far I have never successfully enrolled these type of candidates because when I keep their name on a list and contact them later, they have not responded as no doubt I've been long forgotten.

    So I acknowledge maybe I'm doing this all wrong... but it still doesn't make sense to me to have them visit so far in advance when they are probably not at a stage yet where they want to hand in their deposit to secure a spot?
    I just feel like they are window shopping at this point and I don't want to waste time and energy with the interview for a very slight chance they will enroll much later.

    Do I have the wrong attitude?
    Wondering how everyone handles it.

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    If they strike me as the type I want on my list, I send a handbook, and arrange a tour. They ask all their questions, and I explain my waitlist (I'll put them on my list, and if a space opens up closer to their date, I'll offer it to them, and they sign the contract and put down a deposit at that time). I find that parents are sold on my daycare when they see it, and wait for a space instead of going on to the next one. I charge the same as other providers, and I'm further away for many, but I have a montessori program, all homemade food, grow/raise much of our food, and have lots of outdoor time. Looking at ads, other providers may seem as good and more convenient, so getting them in the door at the start of their hunt gives me an edge.

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    Thanks for the reply. I'll definitely change up how I do things especially since I'm getting less and less enquiries for immediate care vs long term planners these days.
    Your program sounds great so I can see how you have a competitive edge.

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    I no longer keep a waiting list. It was a waste of time contacting them when a space opened as like you said, most had found care elsewhere because so much time had passed. I now just tell them to keep an eye on my Facebook daycare page as that's where I'll update when openings are available. I only meet with people when I have an opening. I email them my contract and policies to read over first though. If they don't like what they read, we don't meet, no wasting time for both parties. If they do decide to meet me, they come prepared with specific questions in regard to my particular policies. Meetings can then be quick, 30 minutes, as it's basically just to see their child interact with my group and see how we mesh in person

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