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    Hi. I run a daycare in Waterloo Ontario and right now I have a smoke and pet free home and I am seriously considering getting a German Shepherd puppy. Are there any daycare providers out there that have dogs or cats and how are they with the daycare children? Also, do you find any parents going to a daycare that is pet free due to preference or allergies? I really want a puppy but I'm hoping it will work with the kids.

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    Don't have any pets now. But I don't advertise or say I'm pet free. When I first started we had a collie / lab mix and parents did not mind. He sadly did pass away a few years ago so now we don't have them. But out of my daycare kids all 3 have a least one cat. And the child who has a vet as a parent has dogs as well. I'm hopping to convince my husband to get a cat soon.

    They may be some who choose to go with a pet free home so you would loss out in those familys. Since you do advertise as such would be required to give notice to parents in case it will make a difference to them (be prepared to loss a kid if this is the case). Also you would want a place to keep kids and dog seperated expessilly while training the dog. But I see no over all problem of adding a family member to your house.

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    Hi I've been running a home daycare for 17 yrs. I'm on my second dog now (he's almost 12) I've never had a problem with the children in my care. a lot of my parents actually chose me so that their children could grow up around a dog. Mine goes everywhere with us. My dog is a lab mix, as was my previous dog (both great with kids, very passive and tolerant to children's abusiveness). That said, I did lose out on some potential clients due to a fear of dogs. If they met him, they were fine but some wanted nothing to do with dogs.

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    If you are advertising as a pet free daycare and are seriously considering getting a dog then I would send out a notice to current families noting that you are removing the pet free status of your daycare and that you are in the process of considering a dog and that you will keep them posted as to your decisions and any changes to take place.

    This will allow families to inform you if it is a concern. Be prepared to send out a notice letting them know what, if any, contact with the children the dog will have. hopefully none of your families care :-)

    You will need to have new contracts made and signed (or an amendment to the current one) noting the removal of your pet free status. Do this before you get any pet as you would technically be in breach of your current contract and that opens you up for potential problems.

    Odds are you would know if any families wanted pet free. They would have spoken about it at your interview, even if you were noted as pet free. Anyone with an allergy etc would voice it. There may be some families that just prefer pet free, but hopefully they are settled in and happy to stay.

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    We have 2 dogs... 90lbs and 3lbs... they both have a time and place with the kids but are not free to roam while kids are in my care. Not for any fear, just more of a PITA to deal with kids hyping up dogs and vice versa.
    If you are really wanting a dog i would speak with current parents and feel them out. If it is something that you really want there are always puppy pens while you are working.

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    I have a dayhome with 2 dogs (10 years and 2 years old) and 3 cats (1 year - 13 years old). My parents all love the fact that their children learn about animals, and how to interact with them appropriately.
    Be sure to learn the signs of stress in a dogs face, and that children never put their face in the dogs face. Puppy school instructors are great at helping you learn these things.

    All the best!

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    Quote Originally Posted by childcare View Post
    Also, do you find any parents going to a daycare that is pet free due to preference or allergies? I really want a puppy but I'm hoping it will work with the kids.
    When I opened I had an elderly but very friendly cat and when she passed away, I did consider bringing a puppy into the home. The client's I had were very mixed about it. Some who had dogs were fine with up but did state that would be depending on size and if a large excitable puppy was going to be here, they expected it not to be around the children who it could easily knock over. Others outright told me they picked this day home because it didn't have dogs. Interestingly, no one had a view based on allergies - purely preference.

    I guess from that you can assume your decision might not suit all especially since it's a larger breed and you might lose client's. Equally, you might get client's because they would love their child interaction with an animal which they don't feel able to have at home.

    Six of one - half a dozen of the other - but I do think the larger dogs will deter more than perhaps a smaller dog might.

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