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    Single mom daycare providers

    Hello I am simply curious to know if there are single moms out there running a daycare. The father of my 2 kids moved away and I was left with the responsibility of everything. My son was a newborn and i started caring for children. It's now 3 years later and it's the best thing I ever did! I love my job and life, I get to be here for my kids which is important. I have close relationships with the families I care for and love on their kiddos. Not to say it wasn't without hard times but I'm happy with how everything worked out.
    I don't have any single mom friends, my friends are married. I would just like to know if there are single moms running daycares. I would love to hear your experiences and relate

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    I ran my home daycare as a single mum after my husband moved to the Caribbean when my kids were 2, 4 and 10. His leaving was a huge favour and opening a home daycare was the absolute best decision I ever made! I've been at it for 15 years or so now and my youngest child just went off to university in September. This is a wonderful option for single mums as it allows us to be home with our own children while still earning a living. I was already an ECE grad, so this is the only field I had interest in working in anyway....but couldn't survive on what ECEs make in centres. My clients over the years, for the most part, have been amazing. My closest friends are my first few sets of clients. I've traveled with a few and am planning a trip to Costa Rica with one of the more recent couples and my new husband. I love this line of work! The income is modest, but it's wonderful to have the autonomy to run my business my way and develop some really great relationships over the years.

    How long have you been up and running?

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    Hi. I am a single mom and have been for about 5 years. I just opened my daycare 1year ago after being a nanny for about 10 years. I have to say I enjoy running a daycare over being a nanny. I have made the right decision although it was hard to make that decision as I have no one else to help pay the bills and I started my daycare gradually with 1 baby, then 2 etc... Now I am making enough money to support myself and my son and I am enjoying it very much! I also enjoy being single at the moment and I plan on keeping it this way for awhile longer as I find it easier than having a BF or husband. Here's to all the single moms out there that also run a daycare! Cheers.... Jenny from Ontario.

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    I'm 26 and doing it on my own. It's definitely incredibly hard on one income but I manage to do it. My daughter attends a good daycare. But there's no better feeling than knowing I'm doing it on my own without her dad's money.

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    I am a single mom daycare provider. I split up with my ex when the kids just turned 2 and 4 yrs old. I was a stay home mom who was doing afterschool care for spending money ( since my husband refused to share a bank account) moving to full time daycare seemed the best solution as my kids were already confused and distraught when their dad moved out. I have been doing it now for 10 years and I love working for myself ( although I also have two other part time jobs in the evenings and on weekends)

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