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    SURVEY! Inclusion based business for ECEs and Parents!

    I am starting a company called Doodling Some Good. It's focused on offering graphic intensive products and training for ECE's and parents on inclusion and diversity for children, Please feel free to fill out the following survey and help me get this venture up and running asap! Thanks for your support in input!


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    now i tell you
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    now there are many different products for developing your business

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    share if not difficult. I am interested in the development of my business in Asian countries, maybe someone came across. I want to move to one of these countries. There is a developed economy, the crisis did not affect them so much. Duma to develop his startup there. Tell me who knows.
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    If you want a developed business, do it yourself Buyer = client. We need to develop the industry. Each person will be able to develop their business without leaving their home. I currently live in the USA, but I do business in Hong Kong. Incorporation of hong kong company-1st step,
    then I opened my own marketplace. Now living in another contrey, I trade in Kong Hong, and I also pay taxes there. Nothing complicated.
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