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    Opening a private home daycare in London Ontario

    We are looking to move to London from Toronto. I was born and raised in Toronto so I have a lot to learn about London. I currently run a home daycare in Toronto and hope to do the same in London. I have searched on daycare bear to get an idea of how many home daycares there are and what the going rate is. However, I still have some questions.

    What is the demand for full time care for children? For example are there a lot of working parents where full time care is in high demand? Or do parents work more part time or are there stay at home moms and therefore the demand is not that high? Are you maxed out with kids to the limit? Are there specific areas we should avoid buying a house in because the demand for full time childcare is just not there?

    Iíve read some forums about collecting the last 2 weeks deposit. Is this because you require 2 weeksí notice for leaving? In Toronto, Iíve never asked for 2 weeks deposit and plus I required 1 monthsí notice. Iíve also collected fees on the 1st of every month for the whole month. So in this case do you ask for the last 2 weeks deposit plus the 1st monthís fee? How often do you collect fees?
    My background is Indian. I realize that London does have some diversity. But do you think my background will be a problem for me to get clients and run the daycare?

    Iím sorry if any of my questions are ignorant and offensive. I donít mean to be. I am just trying to plan and prepare realistically and unfortunately the race question is just a reality for me in certain situations.

    Thanks in advance

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    Don't know anything about London so I can't help you there but I wish you good luck in London

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    Another think to consider and probably to give a second thought to your move is; I'm not sure how far is London from Toronto. But search their rates and compare them by location or neighbourhood you might have to start getting used to work same hours (hopefully not more) and less pay. Also maybe your general household expenses will be less. I think everywhere has a multicultural population, I do not think that would be an issue. Sometimes it is best to rent for a year and that will give you a better idea of where is the best place to stablish your business and buy a permanent house. That is what I did and haven't regretted at all. Good luck and keep us posted����

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