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    Decision to open a daycare...what scared you the most?

    As I mentioned before in another thread I am in the processing of making the decision to start my own daycare but being careful to weigh out all the pros and cons.
    My reasons for starting is a) it's always been a dream of mine b) I want to be able to take care of my daughter for her first 4 years c) I love being with children and taking care of them d) at the salary I am at right now I would end up making more money having a daycare and financial stability is very important to us.

    I have no doubt in my mind that I have the patience and love and skills to take care of the little ones, but one of the things that scares me is if you have periods where your daycare is not full and you can not find children to fill it. I feel we are in a good area for a daycare, as when I started searching for my little girl most of the daycare's are fully booked and it's hard to get in. Plus, we are right near the Civic Hospital and Gov't buildings, and 2 schools...so I know there is a strong potential for having parents in need of childcare.

    Do you find you have long periods of time where your daycare is not full? And what scared you the most when you started your daycare?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    The getting full and staying full is always the biggest concern in daycare. Sometimes we have long periods of stability - I had one family where I cared for all 4 of her kids but never more than 2 at a time so she was with me for 6 years but other times it seems like a revolving door of comings and goings. And it is so unpredictable.

    I see that you are from Ottawa (I am in Orleans). Have you joined the childcare providers resource network. If not that would be the best place to start because they offer start up sessions and info for new providers as well as ongoing support with workshops and resources at the office like access to laminators, diecutters, resource books, copier, etc. http://www.ccprn.com

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    It really depends on supply and demand and nothing is ever for sure. I started almost a year ago and I have been fortunate (and have worked very hard) to pretty much always be full (with the number I want). However, when I first filled up, i thought that would be it for at least a year, but found that almost immediately, one mom was pregnant and then I had to terminate one a month or so ago, so have had to refill. I didn't have too much trouble finding kids, but it is tiring starting over with new kids constantly. However, it is just a part of the business. Playfelt's suggestion of joining CCPRN is good. Also advertise on kijiji, daycare bear and I strongly suggest making yourself a website, sample schedules, menus, etc to show that you are professional. You should start advertising well in advance of when you want to start, because it could take time. Good luck! I don't regret my decision (even though I have a little one screaming in her playpen at the moment...hahahha).

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