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    ICPs who formerly worked for Agencies



    CICPO wants to hear from you! We want to share YOUR stories with the Education Critic, the media and the public. It is due time that people are educated about the agency sector, how it works and why 78% of Ontario's childcare providers have chosen not to affiliate with them.

    Here's what we need from you:

    1. Which agency did you join? In which area?
    2. What were the benefits to affiliating with that agency? (toy/equipment lending, mentoring, securing clients, etc) and were they effective in this regard? Please elaborate.
    3. Were there any disadvantages to affiliating with the agency?
    4. What did the agency charge its clients?
    5. How much were you paid per client?
    6. How often did a Home Visitor come to your home? What did these 'inspections' consist of?
    7. Why did you decide to leave the agency?
    8. How did that decision affect the quality of your program?
    9. What would entice you go back to an agency?
    10. If Marni Flaherty's recommendation of reducing ICPs maximum number of children in care to 3 becomes a reality, what will your course of action be?

    Please send your responses, in a numbered format as above, to cicpoottawa@gmail.co m.

    **CICPO requires your name and last initial and permission to use this story in all venues of media publication. If you want to remain anonymous, please put (A) beside your name to indicate anonymity. To clarify - (A) Your Name Here = ANONYMOUS **

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    I've gotten the message. I'll send my inf. Soon. Thank you Cfred.

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    I would love more info!!

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    If you want more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/CICPO/ . Most of our initiatives start there. If you have interest in participating in any upcoming campaigns, speak up! If you have any questions about the legislation, ask away. Karry is our exec who knows more about the CCEYA regs than anyone I know. It's a great group

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