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    Cool Article re home childcare


    I have recently begun discussions with the author of this article that was just picked up by Huffington Post. He's got some great ideas about utilizing home childcare to alleviate the childcare crisis. The fact that he's interested in continuing conversations AND his writing is being picked up by the popular Huff Post is good, good, good! Though I think this is really the first time he's looked at unlicensed care, we have the opportunity now to get our message out even further. We are beginning discussions exploring the possibility of a registry, though it is still in the preliminary stages of discussion. He asked for my contribution to his next article, which I have submitted and I have an interview about ICP care with Toronto Life Magazine on Saturday. The long and short of it is that our sector is, once again, in the spotlight. Please feel free to add to the discussion at the bottom of this progressive article and have your clients do the same, if they're interested. Little contributions like this help us get our message out and keep our efforts in the spotlight.

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