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    Dayhome interviews

    When do you like to do your Dayhome interviews? Why?

    I like to do mine in the evenings after the dhk have gone home. I feel I can give the parents and potential child my full attention and I feel safer knowing my neighbours are home just in case I need help.

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    I also like to do my interviews in the evening or at the weekend when the dhk are gone home. I use to do it during the day until a young child got so upset when a Mom was visiting to see the daycare. I just had to hold the child and could not answer any of her questions as she was crying so LOUD...... so from then on the dhk had to be gone - learned the hard way
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    I treasure my evening and weekends so I try and protect them as much as I can.

    Daycare interviews happen here at 9am if someone wants to come in the day time or at closing time. I don't allow them to be scheduled so I'm off for an hour and then back on the clock and weekends I am closed - period.

    But I don't give access to anyone who want to come or I'd be interviewing all the time without knowing if I had a space. I vet people based on their needs, hours, openness by having a phone interview first. Most parent fine with this when you explain that this for safety of children in your care. Only if they are a really good fit and need care very close to when i will have space do I invite for in person interview and see the daycare space.

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    I do the first interview on a weekday evening right after close or on Saturday morning. I vet them beforehand for hours, needs, creep their fb profile to see what they're like... if it looks good I send them a handbook, and then after reading they book a time. It cuts down interviews, so I don't cut into my personal time often. If it goes well, I welcome them to stop by during a daycare morning to see the space in use. I need to be able to give them my full attention during a first interview. I also don't like having strangers in contact with the daycare kids.

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    I never let strangers in the house during operating hours, and my priority is supervising the children, not interviewing. I do it on weekends generally after about a 1/2 hr phone interview of a million questions I ask before knowing if it's a good fit, then they can come.

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    I generally do mine in the early evening. If I can get them here around 5pm, then they might meet a client or 2 at pick up, which is pretty much a walking testimonial. I run my interviews like a 'visit' which include a tea, coffee, or if later on, a glass of wine. It's very casual and I have found it really puts potential clients at ease. It also allows me to determine if that family is a good fit in my daycare and with the other clients. We all spend time together socially, so it's important that everyone gets on well. I typically set up a 'visit' with potential clients in a social setting. My latest met at a local brewery for some sushi and beer....it sets the tone for the business and allows us time to get to know each other, sans children. My interview process is very different....not everyone's cup of tea.

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    I consider the first interview very important, it is the first impression the parents get, and for you ladies the only chance you can sell your services. You might see parents back to your place and buy your services or might never see them back. But, the first impression is what they will take in mind.

    Depending on my openings (I do not usually advertise); I invite potencial clients to visit on a Saturday or Sunday; time and day at their convenience (sometimes their babies have different nap schedules) and I like to meet their babies.
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    6pm Monday to Friday. I refuse to do them during daycare hours as my job is to watch the children not pay attention to parents. I do them at 6pm as this time seems to work best with my family. I am done daycare at 5:30. I use to do them on weekends, now I don't. Weekends are 100% family time.

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    I don't bring strangers around my daycare kids so my interviews happen either Friday night or sat and sun mornings

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