Hi all! New to the forum, & new to in-home daycare! I am in the process of starting up a RLNR child care, & in September I will be looking after two children before/after school. My question is: I have a set monthly fee for before/after school care, but what do I do for school professional-development days? If the kids are off school, and the parents want full-day care, how do I work that into the fee? Do I charge the difference between a full day fee and the BAS fee, which would just be due at the start of the month along with the regular fee (and would change month to month, based on the school schedule)? How would I work that into my contract?

And while I'm asking, what about things like Christmas break and spring break? They are both two weeks out of the month; it wouldn't make sense to charge them the regular monthly fee, would it? Would I charge a daily BAS rate for half the month & then a daily FT rate for the other half?

How is this normally handled??