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    New Website Suggestions

    Greetings to all, my name is Geoff and I am a part time web developer, currently building a site dedicated to Professional Childcare Providers. I had a question and was hoping to get some feedback from the community on a new service I was considering adding to the site (free service) - do you think there is value in me adding a section that allows providers to create a simple, one page website for their business. It would be as simple as possible, where the provider would simply input their details and choose a theme, and they would have a web page. Maybe there's already something like this out there, but I couldn't find anything beyond the generic website builders.

    Thoughts? or other suggestions for online services you think are lacking in the industry.


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    I can not now recall anything similar in this area, but I think the idea is very good. I think this section should be added. By the way, I recently worked often from home and provided computer science assignment help, and I can say that some interesting ideas for my projects were taken from this assignments.

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    Day care providers are notorious for having crappy web sites. Whether it's one page or more, for the most part we don't have the skills or the time to keep it current.

    What would be great is a regional directory that provider's can add themselves to so potential client's can find the day homes in their area.

    We have local facebook groups which unite parents seeking care with provider's offering it and the Admin are brilliant at weeding out shoddy providers. In that group, one of the Admin's has a local map showing the provider's locations and contract information.

    If there was some way to facilitate a directory, that could show location (even if the exact address wasn't given but subdivision, with hours of business, ages taken, that would be great. But the reality of each provider having a page that they had to maintain is unlikely to appeal in my view.

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    Hi. Isn't this website doing that job? Many of my clients have been found through daycarebear.ca

    I do not have a website, i never needed one neither a fb. I kept saying I'll build one but I got too busy with full spots.

    But, the idea is really good.

    We have a centralized availability list here in Ottawa search www.ccprn.com parents search any time with their postal code.

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