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    2 under 2 rule question

    Hi there, I have searched online and cannot find any info regarding the 2 under 2 rule. Is there any grace period?

    My situation: have a new 10 month old to start, however it's 2 weeks before one of my kids turns 2.

    Not a fan of bending the rules either, any one know if there is a grace period or not?

    Much thanks

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    The rules vary between provinces but if this is one of your provincial rules and it is a common one, then no, there's not a grace period.
    No more than 2 under 2 means exactly that. 5 mins overlap, 2 weeks overlap, it doesn't matter. You would be considered an illegal provider during the overlap time and risk being closed down.

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    If you are in Ontario, there can't be any overlap, even for a few minutes. You will have to wait a few weeks to start the new baby. No exceptions.

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    In Nova Scotia there is no overlap permitted, no grace period for the 2 under 18 months rule, or for the 3 under 3 rule. But for school age that counts from the first day of summer the year they will start in September. So I would check your provincial regulations-it's usually spelled out.

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    In Ontario there is no overlap. Even for a few minutes its illegal. So its not "bending the rules" its "breaking the law" and yes there a big difference between the two. One can get you a slap on the wrist the other a big fine and up to a year in jail.

    tell the family they have to wait, take a loss of income for the two weeks as its a lot less then the fine will be.

    If you are not in Ontario - then I can't help you

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