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    Required Education/Certifications for Opening a Daycare in Montreal?

    Hi there! I am an American Citizen who has recently become a Permanent Resident of Canada living in Montreal. My background is in education and childcare and I'm hoping to open up a dance in Montreal somewhere down the line, but I'm wondering what certifications or education are required to do this? Someone told me I have to go to Cegep for early childhood, but I can't imagine that's the only way. I have the link to the Quebec Daycare Regulations page (https://www.mfa.gouv.qc.ca/fr/servic...ges/index.aspx) however, I don't speak French well, so I haven't been able to scour it thoroughly. So apologies if my answer is somewhere in there. Thanks for your help!

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    Quebec has a very unique child care system. There used to be one lady here in Quebec but other than her, you might be best talking to a child care provider in your area to see what requirements are. There also must be a number to contact your department somewhere.

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    Going to Cegep? It's a good solution, but only for those who speak less French. When I arrived, I studied French for a couple of years to understand the speakers in Cegep. After the training, I was able to get a certificate that helped with my plan to open a dance school for young children. I thought long and hard about this idea because I love dancing and children.

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