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    Advice for patience?

    I have been taking care of a 3 year old girl for 4 months full time. I have taken about 7 weeks consistently to adjust to all the other kids in my care as well as for them to adjust to me but we have not adjusted to each other yet. This girl is not potty trained, has a very limited vocabulary and Iím having troubles telling if she understands what Iím asking her to do sometimes. I get down on her level and let her know whatís expected of her and she stands there (with little eye contact) but when she goes off again she goes right back to doing whatever she wants.
    Sheís a family friends kid so I donít really have the option of letting her go but Iím looking for advice, ways to keep my patience with her, recommendations?? Thanks!

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    Never, ever take the child if you have a personal relationship with the parents. I'm sorry but this is the reason why. It's such a hard place to be in and you now realize that you cannot be as open with this client, or as strict, as you would be with anyone else.

    If it were me - I'd sit down with the parents and be honest. Explain that you value your personal relationship with them and that has affected your willingness to accept this isn't working.

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