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    Opening a home daycare in April

    Hello everyone,

    I'm thinking of opening up my home daycare in ontario in April, when my own child is 6 months old.Since my daughter is under 2, I'm was thinking of accepting children 3+. maybe 2 full time and 2 before and after school. I know most of the parents register before the school year. I want to know your opinion about the timing. what are the chances for me to get full time or before and after school students starting in April?

    which age groups are more likely looking for a child care in that time of the year?
    should I sign a yearly contract with them from april t april?

    how long before should I start advertising?

    Thank you

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    Where are you located?

    Truthfully, your best bet is to find a family on mat leave with a under 2 child and a older sibling (3yrs) THEN try to find another child in that 3yr old range. Having one 6month old (your own) and a 3 yr old is going to be a long day. Very different age groups, different needs, different schedules and at age 3 they usually really do need a similar age playmate to keep busy!!

    You will find it MUCH easier to fill your under age 2 spot than to fill a 3+ spot. The vast majority of 3 yr olds are in care and have been in care for some time. The ones that do need care will be the ones with a younger sibling and the 3 yr old has been home with mom on mat leave. I would expect it to take many, many months to fill a spot with an older child. Though, if you start advertising now and are flexible on your start date (start in march if you find someone) you might be able to do it.

    Most school age children will have long ago been in care. But, you might find one that has moved or care with another provider has ended and they now need care. Again, advertise early and being flexible on your start date will help you greatly.

    If you are willing to take a 12month old (or under 2) then advertise now. Many moms on mat leave are looking for care. If you are only taking children ages 3+ then you are likely way too early as there is no reason a child of that age would be looking for care 5 months in advance.

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    advertise in Jan for an April spot but it may be later than April before you have the ages you are looking for.
    The parents looking in Nov and Dec usually want a Jan start.

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