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Thread: Pick up issue

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    Pick up issue

    I have a set of brothers that have started to need to use the restroom to poop before leaving everyday and always when mom/dad arrive at the door or when theyíve already made their way to the vehicle. They are asked numerous times before parent pickup if they need to go. Iíve even put them on the toilet to avoid the issue but it still happens. Itís extending my day having this happen what seems like everyday.. Mom/dad have come back into the house after leaving to use the washroom. Iím at a loss itís annoying theyíre the last pick up of the day and I just donít want them walking back in my home to bring their child to poop? It just seems to be becoming a weird ritual that I want to stop. Just not sure how to address it?

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    Leave at the same time they do, even if its just to walk around the block. Say you have an appointment and don't have tome to wait, they should have used the bathroom when you told them too. They will have to go else where to poop.

    Have them ready to go, you have your coat on as as soon as the parents get in your driveway out the door they go. And off you go to your "appointment". They will hopefully get the hint after you doing this for a week.

    edited to add I have a late pick up fee that goes into effect at closing, it doesn't matter if they are here before I close, if they are still here after I close they I start charging the fee (some exceptions do apply). I charge up until the time I close the door behind them.
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    I had one family who used to do this too. They literally arrived 5 minutes before I closed, and wanted a verbal synopsis of their child's day. By the time I was finished verbally, I was technically closed. They lived a 2 minute drive away, and the mom would ask him if he needed to go, and he would always say yes. This was a child who did not poop "effeciently" and typically took about 15-20 mins. to complete the task. So now I was 15-20 mins past closing time. I had to tell them to arrive 20 mins earlier if this was the case(mom was done work about 1.5 hrs before she ever picked up here so not an issue of messing with work commute.) I said I closed at 5pm, and after that, the late fee of $20 would be imposed. That behaviour ended fairly quickly!!
    I like Blue Rose's suggestion too. Many times I would have family chiro appts. or kids lessons anyway right after daycare, so make it look like you've got something scheduled, and get in the car lol!

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    How annoying! How old are the kids?

    A few options (as already noted), none are the best but....you ARE closed.

    If they have left, do not answer the door when they come back to poop. Hide upstairs.

    Leave at 5pm as they leave. You could go for a walk around the block but personally I would be hitting up the donut store or chocolate store as a reward lol.

    Or finally, just let them know now before the end of the day that as of 5pm (or closing time) there is a late fee if they have not left as you are closed for the day and need your alone time. Let them know you have done everything you can to have them poop before they arrive the children are choosing not to and they just need to wait until they are home to retrain them not to wait until the last minute.

    I feel like option B is likely best as they are likely the parents that couldn't possibly see why another human being wouldn't want their child hanging around after closing to poop. Being out of the house leaves them no alternative but to make it work without burdening you. After a while of you leaving at closing they will hopefully have forgotten of this routine.

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    I lock the door behind the last one out and I agree, you are not obligated to open it for a client after hours. It's not a public washroom or building. Once closing time comes, it's a private family home.

    I like the idea of headed straight out and I've done similar with a parent who liked to hover and chat beyond closing time. I would drive in a small loop and return back home again - only had to do it a couple times for message to sink in.

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    It is hard. I had the same issue so I would ask all the kids go to the bathroom before leaving the playroom and had someone playing that game even his older brother who would come from his school to just use my bathroom so, I started desinfecting as soon as we left the playroom all will be sprayed out. I would take all the towels from the bathroom all ready to just wipe and clean and I have poties outside. So, when they've asked I let them know that our bathroom isnt ready to be used but they can use the potties, they changed their minds right away. Of course they like checking out or playing in the daycare with our toys but now with only potties outside it wasn't fun.

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    I would get each of the 2 boys to actually sit on the toilet to poop before their parents arrived.
    Then if the parent said they need to go I would say have have been sitting on the toilet for 20 mins each before you picked them up.
    it sounds like a relayed reminder and the kids need to go after you ask them so just get them sitting on the toilet to try.

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    Well - first time in many years of doing this - but had a similar thing yesterday...

    One day a week kid comes on Thursday's only. Mom and older sister show up about 30 mins before closing and we are outside. Mom says that older child who isn't even a client needs the washroom and can she go in and use mine.

    I told her no. I told her that the house was now cleared up from daycare and back to being a family home and that I imagine my husband might well be in there now as it's the first chance he's had to go in Peace since 7am.

    She said can she go and look and see if it's available and was told no - they drove by a Tim Horton's on the way here - go and use their washroom. This isn't a public washroom, it's a private home. Whatever next.

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    Did you find any improvement yet? I have found leaving at the same time highly effective for my often late last to go. I can’t charge a late fee, because I extended my hours just for them knowing they may be a tad late here and there, but they pay 5 days when the child only comes 4, so it balances. In the last week I had my kids in coats ready to go twice, and once I had a meeting right after and I had bag in hand, babysitter was in the hall when the parents arrived. Each time I just smiled and said, ‘oh, I’m headed to x’’. But the last 2 days they picked up early or on time.

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