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    Exclamation Technology free daycare GTA

    Hello fellow parents,

    I'm looking for a daycare that focuses on keeping technology away from children. I am sick and tired of seeing parents shove an iPad into their childrens hands, etc.. I am a firm believer that the outdoors is where a child should learn. Does anyone know of a daycare they can recommend that focuses on outdoor activity, and is free of tech?



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    There's not many parents on the forum. Mostly we are day home providers. A handful of parents do venture on here but the odds of them being in your area are slim.

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    I don't see why seeing parents pop their kid in front of a screen would make the need to seek a technology free daycare. Home daycares are a business, with a caregiver working from home to care for young children in a small group setting. I don't know of any home daycares in my area that have an emphasis on technology.

    A few might have the occasional use of screens but it certainly wouldn't be a huge part of their day.

    I think you just need to search for a daycare that is tv free. Many are and if they don't use the tv odds are they don't have other screens in use. Most, not all, but most home daycares already have the children outside twice a day for a good hour in the morning and again in the afternoon, many are out for 1-2 hours twice a day. It's just a normal part of our days. If you require more than the usual 2-4hrs of outside play then you might need to search harder to find a niche home daycare.

    I can't help but feel like your view of home daycares is greatly biased and not representative of what is the reality of most home daycares.

    I would suggest you drop the "technology free" search and just get a feel for some nearby home daycares, I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised.

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    There is one here in my town, but I know nothing about her other than seeing her ads. I found her link on GoDaycare via google, but am not sure how current this is. Most of us don't use this site anymore to much degree. This is certainly enough to get you started. Let me know how it works out!


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    There are lots of Out door daycares in BC.
    All daycares have to write a new policy and procedure covering no screen time allowed for 2 year olds and only half hour max a day allowed for children aged 3 to 5. Screen time is computer time and also TV too. Staff have to follow this too and keep to nap time or after work

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    That is a great point that the OP raises. Technology is all around children nowadays to the point that it takes away from time learning important playing time and socializing.
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