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    Statutory Holidays

    I am working on my parent handbook - fees policies. Wondering how other caregivers do when the statutory holidays are on the weekends? Will you take extra day off on Monday? How do you write it properly?

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    Yes the Monday after a statutory holiday is the day I take off.

    I wrote in my handbook .......When a Statutory Holiday falls on a weekend the daycare will be closed on the following Monday
    Then I listed days the daycare will be closed from Jan 1st , Feb Family Day Easter Friday and Easter Monday etc.
    It is a good idea to look up the calendar and mark in the dates of each holiday you are off so it is clear .
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    Yes, I do the same as Van. I look up bank holidays to determine which day most of the world is taking as the replacement day for the holiday. I do a list of all paid stats for the full year for all clients so there is no confusion about which days are stats.

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    You have to have it clearly in your contracts if this is going to be your policy.

    Mine lists out all the stats and public holidays, clearly states I will be closed, that these are paid days and if they fall on the weekend, I will be closed next business day in lieu. As long as that's clear, and disclosed when parents sign up, you are covered.

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