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    1st week of center opening

    I used to work at preschool. This is my first time to run a program at home. I can have 8 children in my program. How did you manage all new children on your 1st week or couple weeks? I am sure that you had some kids were crying, some were fine. I used to have assistance to help me but now I am doing solo. worrying about that. Or should i do couple hours for some children who have tough time to start?

    Another question is what are your interview questions that need to ask and clue to find good parents to support your program?

    Thank you very much in advance for all the suggestions !
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    How did you manage all new children on your 1st week or couple weeks?
    It will take a full year to fill all your spaces with quality client's so the odds of opening on day one, with a full quota are low.

    If you are lining up children now for a future opening date, I would seriously consider phasing them in over a few weeks. Transitioning a new child is still the hardest part of the job. The new children often follow the herd in the first few weeks which helps. To have potentially 8, none knowing the lay out or the routine while you are also adjusting might not be the wisest move - for yourself, your clients or the children.

    I would take them in two at a time, allow a couple weeks to find your rhythm and to tweak your routine and then add in the next two.

    Personally. I don't like the couple hours gradual phase in. It's fake situation, more like a play date and it's confusing to the others as to why one child is leaving a couple hours after coming.

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    Staggered start dates. Depending on their age at start of care I would only take one child at a time with a good 2 weeks between starts.

    For a 12month old, first time in care, new child I use a variation of this start:
    Monday child arrives shortly after all other children have arrived, quick drop off 1hr stay. Tuesday arrives just after last child has arrived stays 2 hrs. Wednesday stays until after lunch. Thursday stays for nap. Friday full day. Week 2 child stays full days on Monday they come just after last child has come in. Tuesday onwards they arrive at their needed start time (could be first or last in).

    I have the new child come last in the morning so there are no parents coming in for drop offs. The extra adults in and out can throw them off and send them into tears. I prefer all kids in, new child arrives and parent leaves and I can focus on them. Only ONE parent can drop off not BOTH. It is harder to see both parents leaving.

    I have found this process to greatly help. They are only there one hour on the first day which is short enough to have them leave on a positive note. Since this is my preferred starting process I don't charge for full day care on the partial days. I charge 3 days fees for that week as it adds up to about 3 full days of care.

    Note, I find this process as helpful for children as it is for moms going off maternity leave as it eases them all in!

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    Congrats on opening!

    I would suggest to stagger the start dates if possible.

    I've been lucky and have had parents who want to slowly transition their child into my care. For instance, I have a one year old starting full time in January who has never been in child care before. I met with her mom and we developed a transition schedule for the child. Right now, since I have her spot open, she has been coming 1-2 times a week for 4-6 hours. In December she transitions to 3-4 days a week, for the full-time hours, before going full time in January. I don't charge the full-time rate, but instead charge based on the hours. Of course, not every parent is able to this. In other cases I have had several children start on one day. It really depends on the comfort of the children and the parents.

    The best thing to do is determine what works best for you and for the children and parents. You don't want to be overwhelmed on your first day. Set yourself up for success!!

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