I have started giving him stickers and tell him to take a washroom break at specific times. I'm not sure if this is considered training or the fact that he is not ready but it is working for us.*]
Wonderful! If that works it is great, as I mentioned before every child is different. Some like and work for rewards (because their brains have been conditioned that way); and I observed that some do not like the wet feeling (which also shows when they do arts, do not like doing anything messy); some get motivated because they really like your attention (and they will go when you remind them, but also I noticed if I get distracted with another adult they called my attention with the potty subject), and so on.

You're in right track. Keep the stickers and reminders going and eventually his brain will get the message that when he feels it is time to go he must. And he will. (Then you'll find out that he went with out a reminder) then it is trained. Some children can still tell you and ask for their sticker, many do not care anymore. (Their brain has being trained to listen their bodily funtion).

My only requests to parents is to please leave the potties in the same spot where there shoulD be. Do not move it from location to location. I leave mine in the bathroom but also my bathroom doesn't lock it has a very easy access, it absolutely helps when training and becoming independent.