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    Families in my area are typically unable to afford holding fees. While some want 1-3 days/week during may leave, most keep their older child home. I include the family in daycare events (like a bbq or party) but I do not hold the spaces. They go on my waiting list, and get notification if a spot opens. If the spot is for June and they don’t want to pay til Sept? Then it goes to a new family able to start in June. I can only take 4 full time children, and only 2 under 18m. This is a business, and I need full time pay if I’m running a M-F Daycare.

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    You could ask the parent on mat leave to pay for the other 2 days starting in Jan and to pay for the full time fee to hold the spot when the older child leaves until she is ready to go back to work.
    I am sure she will understand the reasons why you have to do it this way and this is the only way you can be sure to keep the full time spot for her.

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