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    Minimum wage increase/vacation time increase for Ontario and your daycare

    Hi All,

    As most on you Ontario folks know the minimum wage will be increasing to $14 per hour this year and $15 for Jan 2019.

    Will you be adjusting your rates to reflect this? Have you thought of adjusting your rates to reflect this?

    The vacation time will also be adjusted to ensure that you are "entitled to three weeks of paid vacation after five years of service with the same employer"

    Are you considering increasing your "vacation time" ( Personal time for us) if you have been a daycare provider for more than five years?

    Just curious as to what everyone's thoughts are! I personally would like to raise my rates by at lest $2.00 per day. As well change my "vacation time" (personal time) from two weeks to three. Currently all my families have been with the same employer for 5 years so everyone else will have three weeks vacation this year.

    Would love to hear what everyone else is thinking!!


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    If we could do that would be great. Unfortunately, in Ontario we're going through a struggle, many caregivers remain with spots open (looking for the two over two's); many caregivers looking for clients the market is very competitive so, I think it would be hard to rise rates when we're struggling to fill current openings. Also due to more openings and less inquires I've noticed caregivers reducing their rates!!!

    I guess everyone is in a survival mode for now. I cannot even consider adding and extra week of vacations at this point. If I do I will definitely be risking for my clients to leave or look for better deals.
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    I raised my rates with current and new clients alike. It has nothing to do with minimum wage, it relates to my operating costs/ food/ utilities costing me more now. I added extra vacation almost a year ago, long before all the details of this government plan came to light. I did what I needed to do, but it didn’t correlate to the new laws.

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    Sounds like you are ready to make a change for the new year and it is a good time to do it.

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    I have all ready redone my fees for new clients only.

    For vacation time as we are self-employed we legally don't get paid vacation. however if you word your contact right you can still get paid time off. I get 4 weeks paid vacation a year.

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    Wow BlueRose, that's amazing! My parents wouldn't pay for me a day, even if one of my family member passes away!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandylynn View Post
    Wow BlueRose, that's amazing! My parents wouldn't pay for me a day, even if one of my family member passes away!
    I find *some* client won't do anything that's outside the page of the contract but you add whatever you want to have in your contract. They have the option of joining your day home knowing your conditions or going elsewhere.

    I have 10 paid vacation days and 5 paid sick days. By calling the vacation days "personal days" it doesn't blur the lines for employment/self-employment. I've had 10 paid vacation days for almost 10 years now. I've never had anyone question it and I've never had any resistance to booking them. I give as much notice as possible although the contract says min of 14 days notice for time off.

    I also take all stats and public holidays and these are also paid. They are listed out in the contract and handbook. I've only once had someone resist the Easter Monday.

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