So I have a 2.5 year old girl in my care and she has been with me for a year and was my best kid, but the last 2 months she cries non stop. Drop off she bawls, and then when itís time to transition into something she starts crying. Iím guessing itís separation anxiety but man itís a long one. Iím just wondering if anyone here has ever had a problem like that and what you do.
I have a spot when I say itís her ďquiet spotĒ to sit and settle down as I donít allow her to just sit on the couch and cry.
If we are watching a movie and it ends she cries, if itís time to clean up she cries, if itís snack or lunch she cries, if itís time to get ready for school drop off or pick up she cries. Sheís maybe happy 2-3 hours of the day and sheís with me from 645-4 and 2.5 hours sheís napping which is my only break from her crying.
If a kid is mean or takes her toy she cries and then just sits and pouts or refuses to go back and play for like an hour.
Iím at a loss on what to do, and mom and dad have tried to help do things at home but sheís not like this at home, only with me. I try not to get mad with her as that makes it worse but sometimes I do because the crying is just so constant and my sanity canít take it sometimes.
So any suggestions would be great because I feel terminating her care is just too mean