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    Non sleepers during the nap times..

    I have five nice kids in my day care and they all have a nap at the same time and can sleep longer if I let them,except for one little child who is only 14 months old and is a very light and short sleeper
    Let say,child is very tired and after the lunch would fall asleep ok,but would wake up usually after some 30 min. And then cry/screem like something is attaking him..
    All the rest of the children still sleep during that ordeal,if I come to get him he jumps like nothing happened and stops screaming right away.
    I don’t know what to do with him,he is still a baby and needs to be constantly watched,he does not sit and likes to move all the time,explore around..I need my break and finish things I did not before they went to sleep.
    Please,give me some ideas and your opinion in regard of this.
    Thank you so much
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    Ask to the parents. If this is normal for him. I had one like that and then we realized that he used to sleep with a stuffy so, the patents had to bring the stuffy every day. It did a huge difference he will sleep for 3hrs straight. Some children are used to sleep sacks or special blankets. I've noticed they usually fall asleep fast but in short time they cry so, it definitely meant that they were missing something. Also, after their lunch I serve warm milk and that also relaxes them a helps them to sleep longer.

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    Since it's not disturbing the others, I would leave him in his crib. By all means pop in, reassure and lay the child back down periodically but the only way it's going to change is to sleep train him. Good luck. I know how incredibly hard it is when a new one comes and changes the whole dynamic. Hopefully he'll fall into the schedule soon.

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