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    Extended Client Vacation

    Hi - a family I've had for a year advised me yesterday they will be on vacation for 3 weeks soon. They have not asked for a discount and I don't think they will but I'd like to be prepared. I have in the contract if their vacations occur at different times than mine, full fees are due. I've never had a child gone this long.... Does everyone else charge full fees? In another instance, I had an interview where mom asked if she took child out of care for a month for vacation would they still have to pay? I said yes. It doesn't matter how long child gone right? Anyone give partial discount? This is a great and respectful family so I just want to be sure I'm fair. Tx!

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    Why do you feel the need to offer them a discount? You are available to provide the care as agreed in your contract. They are choosing to take their child out of care. You are under no obligation to give them a financial break. I believe it to be foolish to do so since you would be at a financial loss to do so which isnt very business savvy. Being fair is having a comtract with policies which all parties agree to and sign and then all parties follow. Being fair is them not asking for a discount since they agreed to pay regardless of vacation and days their child is away.

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    They pay full rate here if they take child out for vacation or if the child sick. 100%. No exceptions.

    Like you it's documented policy here. If and only if they raise the issue, at that time I would just remind them that no credits are given for missed time as I cannot fill their space on a short notice short term basis. Wish them a great vacation, and tell them I look forward to hearing about it on their return.

    My son went out of country for 5 week last year and was lucky to be able to take his wife and step-daughter. They paid for their day care in full. And will when it happens again this year.

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    Full fees due for the child’s vacation. The spot is being held open for their child.

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