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Thread: Moving

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    I have been a long-time user of DaycareBear and really appreciate the service.
    I will be moving in the coming year, and would like to begin promoting my daycare in my new town by creating a listing. However, I am not yet ready to retire my current listing in my current city.

    Is there a way for a single user to maintain 2 listings with different opening dates? Or would I need to create an entire new profile with my new address, and maintain 2 user accounts?


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    As someone who has moved several times due to hubby being in the military keeping things separate is a lot easier on all fronts. Since you will gradually be retiring things you are doing now it is better to start again so a new listing with new pictures, etc. Even a new website if you use a free service. I even opened a new email address to use at the new place as a way of transitioning - and then only gave it to people I really wanted to keep in contact with not all the advertisers etc. It just makes housekeeping for the daycare more manageable. Now having said that whether it is possible to have two accounts on daycare bear will be up to the administrators but it certainly would be the best way to go if they allow it. Then old things just pass away and all things are become new. Where are you moving to?

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