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    Nap Time - Sharing a room vs sleeping separately

    I've been lucky enough to have the kids separate during naptime for the past few years. They each sleep in their own room and it's been great but I am moving in a few weeks and the new house is a rancher and therefore I would love for the children to start sleeping in the same room. The bedroom farthest from the playroom would be ideal but I'm seriously nervous about no one napping once they are together! Lol. Should I transition them now with a few weeks till we officially move and just ride out the time that it may take them to get used to sleeping in the same room?? Both are crazy noisy when they go to bed (chatting/stomping in their cribs) and both are 20 months old. Advice needed???

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    Mine have always napped in shared rooms. We don't have a large house and so over 2's go in my bedroom and under 2's in the guest room. Because it's always been that way, there's only one new child at a time to adjust.

    I think I would be tempted to start now. Moving homes is a big change if your client's are following you. Although you and the routine will be familiar, the environment will not be. Start now getting them napping together so it's one less change down the road.

    The only advice I have is to be stern. If you need to go into the room and remind them it's nap time and that they shouldn't be banging their feet, do that. They know you, they know you mean it, they know what's expected. I have 6 children. 4 over 2 and 2 under 2. The newest baby bangs his heels on the crib matress when he wakes but I just go in a re-settle him if it's really too soon to get up. In terms of them falling asleep, I've never had an issue but that said we go outside for as long as possible in the mornings so by the time they come inside, eat, faces and hands washed up, diapers done, it's rare if anyone is still awake in a couple mins. Wearing them out before nap time is always key.

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    Yes. I agree with Suzie_Homemaker, start working on the transition now.

    I follow the Ontario regulations for licensed child care (children should skeep all in a room, and better if they're close to an exit), I always followed this policy same as daycare centres I find it safe and it makes easy to monitor children. Each one has their own bedding etc. It is also easy training them, the younger ones see the older ones sleeping and they just follow that lead. AnD same as centres I sit in the room until everyone sleeps. Some older children that are giving up nap time stay no longer than 20 minutes rest period. Then they're allowed to do quiet activities. Materials are all available on the table. Or they can choose to look through books while I keep monitoring both groups, sleeping ones and awake ones.

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    Like Peacefulbird, I stay with the children until all asleep. Where mine are divided into 2 rooms, I sit in hallway outside the two rooms until I know all are properly asleep. As said, here, that's barely a couple mins because I make sure all children are properly worn out and ready to nap.
    For me, I have always divided the two ages simply because unlike some day homes, I don't force an awake child to remain in the nap room once they wake. Some children really do need a shorter period of rest then others. By dividing the ages, I am not waking up the smaller children when I take a waking older child from the nap rooms. A three year old doesn't need to rest as long as a 10 month old. You will find what works for you too and part of that will be the rooms available to use.

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