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    Yes. They are widely accepted in courts too as are e-mails. The default position is normally if the person received the text doesn't agree with the content, they will respond denying it. Silence normally = acceptance.

    i.e. I test you and say "Don't forget the $200 you owe me by Friday", then you would normally reply either "Ok" or "What are you talking about - I don't owe you any money. What do I owe you $200 for?"

    No normal person who doesn't owe the funds would just shrug and ignore it. They would dispute it and promptly.

    Keep the texts and e-mails. They count just as much as a registered letter delivered by mail in this day and age.

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    Hi, I hope you resolved your problem in a positive way. Iím sorry this happen to you. First of all if the day home provider wanted to change the hours, she should give parents a month notice, so they could arrange different solution for them. Iím a day home provider as well, and I would never do that to the parents, plus not everybody is so lucky to start their work after 9 and finish 4 or before 4. Other thing is if she changed her hours, how about the fee? Did said that she will lower the monthly payments? You said you gave her a month cancellation, she didnít have a right to keep the payment, I hope you resolved this in a positive way though. Unfortunately, some day home providers go on a power trip, and thatís wrong. Iím doing this for about 20 years, and I hea rd lots of stories, and many of them not pleasant. Personally, Iím sensitive about catering for children and working with parents. No, this is not normal way of changing the hours... and since you gave her 1 month notice she doesnít have a right to keep the deposit. That was her who validated the contract. Iím sorry this happen to you.

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