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Thread: Happy New Year!

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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! do you have any resolutions? Any resolutions for your business?

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    Happy New Year!
    Just a resolution to stick with the declutter plan. Daycare providers can be such pack rats, lol. Mostly have been assessing the reality of my daycare in the last couple years and between one maternity leaves and the fact I don't take kids once they start JK/SK due to bussing issues my group is between the ages of 1-3 1/2 which means a lot of what I have used in the past is not appropriate anymore and purging would be a good idea. Way too many pieces of paper laying around with ideas scribbled on them or cut from the paper or whatever, recipes, that sort of thing and the goal is to either put them in some sort of usable system and recycle the rest.

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    Happy New Year! One of my resolutions is to declutter as well. I have 'stuff' everywhere and find it hard to get rid of some of it. My house is exploding with toys but I feel like I shouldn't get rid of any 'incase' one kid uses them all one day.
    My other resolution is to not put so much pressure on myself as far as the business goes. I feel like I am constantly being judged by parents on what we eat, how often we get outside, how long the kids nap for, how often we do crafts, etc. I am just going to start going more with the flow and if we free play all day here and there, so be it. I hear of other day homes in my city that don't do half of what I do and they still have kids. I think this will cause less stress in my life and less stress is always good!

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    Happy New Year.... a week ago. LoL
    My goal is to use this time that I am essentially "off" (only one P/T dck, 6 days a month) to really organize the daycare space the way I want it done. Proper storage for display and rotation of toys, better lay out of furniture, etc.
    I will likely not take in anymore kids until we can utilize our basement (currently have family living there) and so I sort of have to wait for that.
    So for now, I am just enjoying working p/t outside the home, while keeping the dc open somewhat, and spending a little more one-on-one time with my kids!

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    Happy new year to you ladies! I don't actually make resolutions but organizing and decluttering are things I've been working on for about a year now. You are right about the packrat syndrome playfelt!

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