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    Having a volunteer

    Question. One of my parents has a young girl that she hired to take her older child to school and then drop off her daughter at my house in the morning. I believe she is a university student. She has asked me if she can volunteer one day and come help me. I said NO....I told the mother that I couldn't let her do this, for insurance purposes. She doesn't understand this....does anyone else have someone help them....

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    I would love to have a volunteer! Few years ago I had to contract a teacher to leave my group. I made sure she had first aid cpr and police clearance. It was great we shared the same philosophy we did prepare things together and at the end of the day I had a log on how things went. My group of kids loved her and their families too.

    I'm in Ontario. And I dI'd not had any insurance issue. If I have to leave by any reason my husband and daughter would have to take charge they are my emergency back up (but never thought the insurance would have any issues with that).

    I had a child's grandfather who just lost his wife and he felt visiting and staying beside his baby grandson (he came to our homedaycare twice a week for three months) he will play with his grandchild, he will help reading stories. We went to outings together. It was a big help (sad enough to say that when he retired he tough it was time to finally enjoy life with his very loved wife and few weeks later she fell sick and passed away in a matter of few days. His wife's dream was to spend some time close to her first and only baby grandson); and she asked for him to do so for her.

    So he did, he got to enjoy and see his grandson and spent time with him while he was figuring out on what to do next in his life. We chat we laughed we shared. Until he decided to go back to work, continued visiting his grandson sporadicly.

    I never had an issue it was actually nice to see another adult helping out.

    I have and follow (according to the ontario new regs.) An open door policy. (Parents can come in any time to visit) but most of the time I'm doing outings so they're welcome to join us. When they come at the end of the day they hang around and I'm happy to see that. Parents connecting guiding each other etc. It all happens here at my "homedaycare", they have became very good friends.

    If someone wants to send a helper I'll be happy to show the quality program I offer.

    I honestly do not think there is an insurance issue there unless you're planing to leave your group to her. Call and ask your insurance. Mine has a coverage for the children in my care and parents or any one related to the.kids if something happens but also we have a house insurance that covers liability. Ask them if that is your concern.
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    My insurance will let me have a volunteer help me out as long as I don't:
    - pay them
    - leave them alone on the property with the children

    I am the caregiver and they are just there to help out.

    If you are simply not comfortable with having someone helping you out, then you don't need to take on the person. If you are comfortable with it, then call your insurance company to confirm there policy on the matter. But yes there are insurance companies that will not allow you to have any help as they don't want to cover the helper if something goes wrong or if the helper hurts a child.

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    I don't think insurance is a legit reason for no volunteers. If you truly think it is I would suggest looking into it so you know for sure. If you just don't want a volunteer and that was the easiest answer...you might need a better answer!

    It is ok to just not want another adult in your space. But you have to own up to that and tell the parents. I would be truthful and clear. It can look a bit suspicious to be trying to blame the insurance which may lead a nervous parent wondering what you are trying to hide.

    I would rather be told that you find it throws the children's routine off with an extra adult in the mix, or that training and supervising a volunteer just takes time and effort away from the children so you prefer not to. Versus hearing you can't because of insurance and being left to wonder what the real reason is.

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    I don't think you owe anyone an explaination as to why you don't want to risk them in your home and around your client's. While she is known to your client, she's not known to you. If you don't want a volunteer, you've given your answer and whether it's accurate or not, is irrelevant.

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    Thank you suzie_homemaker....

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