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    School closures and contracts

    Were having multiple school board closures in southern Ontario today, and I wondered if any of you close your daycares if the local school board is closed due to inclimate weather?
    I have a mix of teachers and non teachers and wondered if you have special contract Details regarding school closures. For some reason, its the teacher kids who are in earlier than normal today lol
    Any contract feedback on closures is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    nope. some parents still have to go into work, no matter what the weather is. I stay open, its up to the parents to decide if they are sending the child or not. Its not my right to decide if they should be going to work in bad weather or not.

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    I never close based on the school because the children I have aren't in school so the two things aren't connected.

    I never base my policies on my client's employers either.

    I never close due to inclement weather. I work from home so it's not reasonable for me to decide if the roads are too bad to travel on. My client's are all adults who can make that decision themselves. This is Canada after all and poor weather conditions are part of life here.

    I have a mixture of hospital staff (who have to work regardless of the weather), teachers, and others. Since this is a year around day care, where school board employees pay for their spot year round, I don't mirror the school calendar any other time so it would be unfair to deny them care on a storm day if they decide to drop their child and focus on administrative tasks from their home. I don't require other client's to keep their child home with them if they are home for the day.

    I am open Monday to Friday from 7am until 4.30pm. Regardless of who a client works for, what the weather is doing, or anything else, I am up and ready to work every day. If a parent keeps a child home, no credit is given for their missed day. They are paying for the space year around and they are welcomed year round.

    Do you provide care for before and after school children? If so, then you could consider if you want to offer all day care when the school is closed or have client's contract to have that (or not) if the school is closed.

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