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    Unlicensed childcare in a Condo!!

    Hello everyone

    I am planning to start a home based childcare this year. Am I allowed to do in a condo? To whom should I contact to know more about it? I am in Ontario, I took CPR/First Aid and Food Handling certificate.
    Thank you

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    And also could you help with childcare agency cost? How much will they cost to set up?

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    Day care regulations are set by Province so the first place to check is with your Department of Education and Early Years Development for Ontario so you know if they have any restrictions.

    Second place you will need to check is your Municipality Bylaws because sometimes, these restrict the ways you can use your own home. You might not be allowed to have a home based business in a residential area.

    Third place you will need to check, is your own Condo agreement. There are always building specific rules that you have to abide by when living anywhere with common spaces, and in close proximity to your neighbors. Whether you own a Condo or rent an apartment, the building manager should know if this will be allowed.
    Once you know that your bylaws don't restrict you from having a home based business and your Condo association is also in agreement - GET IT IN WRITING. I can promise you, that in that sort of living arrangement there will always be someone who doesn't like it and will try and make waves. Whether that's a shift worker, or a professional who doesn't have children or an elderly couple - someone will always object when you are living so close to your neighbors and that might not be immediately but could be when someone new moves in.

    I can't help you with how much an Ontario will charge you. Again, it varies province to province and I'm not in Ontario. But before you look into working with an agency, I would first see if you can even have a day home in your Condo building. Also look into running a private day home too. In my Province, you wouldn't be able to have an agency home in a Condo because you must have fenced outside space but you might be able to have a private day home in a Condo as the regs are less strict.

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    1) condo - you need to speak with your condo board. Get there appeal in writing. Some will allow it others will not.

    2) for help setting up your daycare: forms, contracts etc. plus information on the Ontario child care laws visit Running a High Quality Home Daycare Business

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    I have seen different types of condos. In buildings most likely parents and licensing agencies won't allow it.

    If you're in a townhouse type or even those free houses but in condo like grounds and rules, it can be easier but all depends on your board. Also check with your insurance company.

    Although the "unlicensed " tittle could be misleading, "unlicensed" homedaycares still follow strick rules and regulations check the Cceya doc. The Homedaycare section. There are number and age restrictions, hours, etc.
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