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    Eco Friendly daycare - London, Ontario

    Does anyone know of a daycare in London, Ontario Canada that uses eco-friendly cleaning products?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PtAlCuFe View Post
    Does anyone know of a daycare in London, Ontario Canada that uses eco-friendly cleaning products?
    Just a side note - eco friendly cleaning is for cleaning. It doesn't sanitize. Just like baking soda and vinegar clean but don't sanitize. In a group day care setting, there is a requirement for sanitizing on top of cleaning. That effectively means bleach based or disinfectant based products, with extended contact of 10 mins plus.

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    Same as Suzie_Homemaker explanation. We can use all cleaning products eco-friendly but sanitizing must be done by using bleach. It us also explained in the ministry's of education cceya doc. And some small things can also be sanitized using steam or heat (most dishwasher have this option too)

    Licensed homedaycares are monitored and also asked to to use bleach or other effective and recognized disinfectants, the use of those are same as health practicioners where exposure to bodily fluids is common. Restaurants and other public services also follow this regulation.

    So far, medically I haven't hear of any other natural or eco friendly products that has the same effect. I've been searching.

    I use a disinfectant that is used at hospitals also a commercial disinfectant hands wash soap. The rest as daily dish wash soap, laundry detergent, softener, shampoo, cleaning house stuff. It is made by using vinegar, baking soda, soap nuts, castile soap and essential oils, the sanitize feature of my dishwasher. Floors, and general surface is sanitized with bleach every week mouthed toys daily, bathrooms daily and tables where we eat daily.
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    A good family friend of mine works for Public Health Canada. There is no eco friendly sanitizing product other than steam which is not viable for many items in a child care setting.

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    Hi there! I think that it is necessary to have eco-friendly cleaning products and other natural items in a child care setting.

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    You can use tea tree oil which is both antibacterial and anti fungal.
    I add 4 table spoon, to 200ml of water in a spray bottle, mist, let sit 20 minutes and rinse.

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