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    Scam or desperate parent?

    I have received an email from someone needing a spot for july/june for their 13mos old son. They are however on vacation right now and from what they have told me the person they contacted for daycare previously said they would hold a spot then didn't and now they desperately need someone for when they come back.

    I have mentioned they are most welcome to come by for an in person interview and if it works out for both parties we can sign the contract same day and begin care asap. They however insist on paying me a deposit for 1 month of care via cheque or money order to secure a spot for their child. I have already said no I do not do that I cannot sign up and take a deposit without meeting you first THERE IS NO ONE ELSE INTERESTED IN THE SPOT AT THE TIME. They will be back June 10, I can meet then june 12 the earliest.

    Apparently they have contacted almost all daycares in my area and I am the only one available for the time they need.

    Does this sound like a scam or just a legitimately desperate parent? I am really on the fence on this one. anyone else recently received any emails of this sort?

    I really need this spot filled and the hours and says they need are perfect but don't want to fall for a scam...

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    It sounds like a scam to me. They haven't met you. They are willing to send an entire months fees to secure a spot. Sounds like they will send you way more than what you're asking in the form of fraudulent cheque or money order and request the difference to be sent back.
    Call their bluff by asking for an EMT though...

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    Total scam. No one cares so little about their child that they are going to sign up and pay, without seeing you or your location.

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    I just received an email from this person. They are aggressively trying to get me to agree to taking their "well trained baby" without ever meeting me or seeing my space. Beware!

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    Had a feeling... Those bastards!

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    Scam. Very few parents would secure a provider without meeting them first.

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    I just got an email regarding the exact same situation. He’s demanding to send the money to hold the spot? Is his name Jonel?

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    Sure is! Jonel Preston, currently in Guatemala coming back June 10th?

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    YES that is him. I ACTUALLY went along (knowing he was a scam) and told him to e transfer since he was soooooooo interested on paying me. he said he HAS TO DO MONEY ORDER ONLY and needed my home address. thats when i told him spots full and never contact again.

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    hahah thats what I did as well (asking for e-transfer now saying spots are full), they responded 9 days ago saying the same thing! Now I'm just playing along, today I said I have been completely caught up and apologized for not replying.

    I told them well you are coming back tomorrow anyway so no need for money transfer. We can meet this week.
    I'll never get an email back, there is no more excuses.

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